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Don't let them tell you what to do?

This is your life, run it your way. Your not supposed to follow the crowd, they're actually going in the wrong direction anyway. If you walk a different route, people will notice. Some won't like it, some will. Don't be like them and tell them they are going in the wrong direction or you will be like them and no-one will notice. Walk in the right direction, but perhaps walk backwards or even on your hands if you can. Laugh when you need to, but always smile. Do it now....it looks and feels good.

Things I'm loving at the moment!

Toast of London, Andy Burrows, Rae Morris, Camp Bestival, London Grammar, Shaun the Sheep, West Wales, The Infinate Monkey Cage, my family, Liza Tarbuck, Ableton... more to follow

Cool Links

Shaun the Sheep / Camp Bestival / The Infinite Monkey Cage / Andy Burrows

More Themes

Huge thank you to all people who publish
their photos at Anwen, thank you guys!


Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations. Ceredigion CVC

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Photo blog for a bunch of friends who like to share life.

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Wax the Matter

Making Candles in West Wales. Lovely little set-up to learn a great skill

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Cardigan County Show

West Wales Premier Agricultural Show - Getting bigger every year.

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